1935 Perry Co., Ohio
Plat Maps
Pleasant Township

Adams Agriste Arkinson Atkinson Ault Baker Barry Bartlett Beatrice Bennett Bishop Bragg Brown Campbell Carroll Cavinee Cavote Church Cornin Crichet Danielson David Denman Dodson Dokter Durrel Elener Ellis Fabiny Fargo Fleer Fleming Forquer Fortney Fowler Fox Frickeiser Furney Glass Heff Hehl Hillis Holcomb Hudack Hurst Jones Keiner Kellar Kilberger Kocher Lewis Matyas May McCormack McDonald McGill Moneso Newman Norris Orechio Patterson Penrod Plant Podolinski Porter Raider Ratliff Reed Ricketts Rogers Rose Rugg Sarvis Shahan Shaver Sheppard Starner Street Talbot Teal Tharp Trunko Urbin Vargo Vincent Wallace Walpole Weaver Wesmey West Wiggins Wilson Wright Wycinski

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