1935 Perry Co., Ohio
Plat Maps
Pike Township

Abram Abrams Ackerman Allen Allison Appleman Ault Avery Baker Beard Beaver Bennett Billingsby Bishop Boley Breslin Bringardner Brown Bruni Buchanan Butts Calhon Calkins Campbell Carner Chapman Chevalier Chute Clark Cochran Collier Combs Comisky Comley Conaway Cordell Cottman Crawford Danielson Daugherty David Davis Dean Deavers Diller Donahue Donehue Donnelly Dorsey Dover Eleskes English Erwin Euman Fauley Fisher Fleet Flowers Folk Forquer Fuller Garey GottkeGrant Green Guerin Hankinson Hansberger Harden Harris Hayden Heddison Hennessey Henry Hillis Holcomb Hoover Householder Hoy Hull Humphrey Jenkins Johnson Jones Keenon Keiner Kelly Kesler Kessler Kiener Kinder King Kinsel Koblentz Kockensparger Kohler Kokensparger Lindamood Lino Mains Masterson Matz May McCabe McClellan McDonald McElroy McGirr McGonigal McGreevy McLain McTague Medick Mendelson Moore Nash Newman Nugent Park Parks Pascal Patterson Paxton Penrod Perrigo Potter Pyle Raider Rarick Rector Reed Rogers Rose Ross Saffell Sands Schneider Seals Selby Selt Sheeran Sheppard Sherrick Shilling Shumaker Skinner Smith Snider Snyder Sobo Sorahan Sorohan Spicer Stafford Stansberry Starner Steele Steinbrook Stephenson Stoddard Storts Strawn Studer Thacker Thompson Triona Underwood Upson Vanatta Vandergrill Virode Walsmith Werbelovski Wheatcraft White Whitlock Whitmer Williams Wilson Wright

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