1935 Perry Co., Ohio
Plat Maps
Madison Township

Melick Beard Williams Love Augustus Ford Shaw Soon Beel Samson Hammer Henderson Brooks Hull Ensinger Thompson Barr Amerine Coleman Nevet Chilcote Madden Crossan Shinn Forsythe Brown Shaw Embry Mauk Guest Roberts Friel Cooper Bare Lewis Rhodes Cannon Wilkins Curry Koehler Schofield Skinner Folk Elliott Moore Hoover Zeigler Harkness Garrett Shaffer Gorski Morermatis Lemaster Holbert Campbell McCullough Burgess Smith Huston Fulton Jones Carrell Kroft Hill Combs Cook Caughenbaugh Dilts Kish Bramovich Barnett Williamson Yuhal Haynes Wilson Hazelett Durst Beardmore Flynn Bolin Wince McGhee Baird Denny Coble Starratt Carroll

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