1935 Perry Co., Ohio
Plat Maps
Hopewell Township

Miller Fromm Shrider Poorman Lonas Cotterman Lashley Vansickle Fisher Curry Boyer Snider Beyer Clouse Weed Ridenour Albert Bowman Cooperider Stalter Love Klinger Garey Ream Danison Spangler Gordon Hynus Coulter Fowler Yost Greenwood Daniels Leckrone Dupler Myers Olive Mohler Mechling Meckling Kraft Smith Coble Swinehart Parks Zartman Cochran Walser Wilson Hamilton Souslin Bare Hays Thomas Woodyard Jadwin Hill Davis Skinner Sturgeon Moffit Sippy Amore Williams Long Hupp Kendall Bash West King Rousculp McCullum Hetrick Hazelett Troup Eis Hanby Shepard Bodell James Phillips Latimer Burnett Ansel Ramsey Mitchell Paxson Cannon Axline Huston Wilkins Thompson Fulton Orr Snook Hazlett Campbell Shelly Ice Lettimer Sivitts Helser Lore Chalfant Dornbier Foucht Mack Starkey Noyes Gall Grubb Mooney Wehrle Bradshaw Trout McClure Petty Daugherty McQueen Eversole Bowser

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