1935 Perry Co., Ohio
Plat Maps
Clayton Township

Dennison Folk Tracy Wolf Stickdorn Swackhammer Palmer Gray Funk Justice McClintock Gordon Baker Hammer Dugan Yauger Rarick VanAtta Arnold Kessler Cannon Teal Longstreth Whitmer Hoop Wright Latta Hoops Rockwell Hammond Mendelson Sherlock Saffell Randolph Nugent Tague Shehan Rowland Masterson McNulty Schone Heeter Frost Hamilton McCray Wilson Pace Stafford Cable Goodin Flanagan Weller McCaslin Hazlett Brown Clayton Starner King Finnen Berry Inman Fortney Crintz Acker Vermillion Brown Griffith Essington Spohn Dumoff Love Shiplett Flowers Studer Noon Link Snider McMillan Pratt Dill Moore Harris Wallace Guy Mulroy Henderson DeLong Rhodes Beechman Pettit Hynus Hull Koehler Miller Williams Vansickle Guest Smitley Pargeon Kroft Maddox Amerine Cockson Pennington Nace Curry Bachman Seller Bradshaw Simons Helriggle Gust Yost Curl Haines Wood Worthington Koehler Buckley Llewellyn Keffer Humphrey Crossen Ford Embrey Ream Yarger Loveberry Cooper

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