1935 Perry Co., Ohio
Plat Maps
Bearfield Township

May Altier Bennett Coulter Ricketts Rodkoski Buckley Hurst Preston Wameck Porter Corby Stoneburner Pettit Hane Pierce Williams Drury Neal Dodson Kronenbitter Ketcham Coultier Hemelspach Rogers Alton Moore Lemity Skinner Flick Penrod Embry Tracy Reed Sims Rarick Read Hearing McNeal Crooks Anderson Dearinger Nelson Campbell Masterson Heller Scotty Holcomb Salsbury Sidnell Street Younkin Finley Hammond Allen Higgind Kiener Fleming Wise Schwartzel Denman Welch Adams Paxton Keiner Walpole Storts Wolfe Weaver Sherrick Calhoun Meikle Parker Kauffman Harper Groce Rose Wells Toth Longstreth Fell Hull Walker Price Foraker Milligan Ogg Driggs Lucas Roy Alridge Shumaker Weller Darringer Watts Yahn Clark Bateson Hinkle Roush Robinson Taylor Opperman Savage

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