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CITIZENS' NATIONAL THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK NOW DOING BUSINESS IN PERRY COUNTY CAPITAL STOCK FULLY PAID IN, $25,000.00 STOCKHOLDER'S LIABILITY $25,000.00 SURPLUS AND PROFITS $25,000.00 ASSETS OVER $400,000.00 Operating under the stringent supervision of the United States Government, this bank has a committed policy of conservative business methods. Its funds on hand are protected by the most modern steel fire-and-burglar proof vaults; every safeguard known to modern banking practice is available to you if you do your banking business with this strong National Bank. THREE PER CENT PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS OFFICERS A. GARLINGER, President. B. F. RODGERS, Vice President. S. A. ROACH, Cashier. DIRECTORS J. G. MORRIS. B. F. RODGERS A. GARLINGER. C. W. KING T. J. SMITH THE CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK UNITED STATES DEPOSITORY NEW LEXINGTON, OHIO RISSLER & PAGE NEW LEXINGTON'S POPULAR HABERDASHERS The Place to Purchase the Best and Latest in MENS, WOMEN'S, CHILDRENS FURNISHINGS DEALERS IN FINE SHOES
The firm of Rissler & Page is composed of E. R. Rissler and E. L. Page, both natives of Perry County, popular and well known. They occupy a large, well appointed store on Main Street, opposite the court-house. They began business August 10, 1908, and are in the enjoyment of a fine trade. They afford to the people of Perry County an opportunity to obtain the very latest and finest articles in haberdashery. The stock carried is an exceedingly large and varied one, embracing shirts, neckwear, gloves, fancy hose, handkerchiefs, and in fact everything usually found in a first-class gents' furnishing emporium. In ladies' and children's wear they have a fine line of fancy hosiery and shoes. The ladies' shoes include the Berring & Herrick makes, noted for their grace and finish, while in children's are the famous Veno, and the Mauston for boys. Some of the specialties for men may be mentioned; The Burt & Packard shoes, The Imperial and K. & B. hats, all conceded the most popular and stylish makes now on the market. Messrs. Rissler & Page will be pleased to see you at all times and will take pleasure in having you inspect their beautiful and attractive goods.