The North Main Street (next to
Park Hotel) Photographer uses only
the   best   photographic   materials.
Hence the best results. Work in all
its branches.   Copying, Enlarging,
Framing Department. Special atten-

     This  business  was
founded in 1878 by Geo.
S. Schofield, father of the
present proprietor, who
will be remembered as a
business man of strict in-
tegrity and a harness
maker of rare ability. Mr.
Schofield succeeded to the
business on the death of
his father and has con-
ducted the business along
the same lines. Two years
ago he added a small stock
of hardware to his harness
and by gradually increas-
ing to his present stock,
he is able to supply all
your wants in the hard-
ware, harness and travel-
ers' goods line.

tion to children (see illustration). A
word to the wise is sufficient. Studio
next to Park Hotel, North Main
Street, New Lexington, Ohio.

One of Perry County's Largest Industries.
View of the Great Plant at Roseville.

rated and colored ware are made
such  as   Mat-Green-Loy-Nel-Art,
glazed and utility ware, vases, jardi-
nieres, pedestals, umbrella receivers,
cuspidors, cooking wares, jugs, fancy
and high-colored flower pots, mixing
bowls, combinels, stewing kettles,
baking pans, and toilet ware.  The
trade is an immense one. The goods
are shipped to all parts of the United
States, and the plant is busy the year
round.   The following well-known
business men comprise the officers:
W. R. Baker, president; J. W. McCoy,
vice president; George H. Stewart,
treasurer; George S. Brush, secretary
and general manager.
     The directors are W. R. Baker, J.
W. McCoy, George H. Stewart, T. L.
Morehead and G. S. Brush.
     All the above are men of experi-
ence, whose taste and ability have en-
abled them to produce as fine ware as
is made in the United States, and to
conduct one of the largest plants in
our county.

An Important, Growing, Industrial
Enterprise, Making Eight Million
Pressed Brick Annually

     The New Lexington Press Brick
Company plant covers forty acres of
ground.  Its equipment is the most
modern in use.  The company was
established in 1903. A superior quality
of face brick is manufactured, and they
find a market in all parts of the United
States. More than eight million are
made every year. The company's cap-
ital stock is $80,000, but the invest-
ment represents $125,000. The capital
is all paid in, and, with the exception
of $7,000, is owned by New Lexington
people. The company does business
every working day in the year. There
have been no "shut-downs" or "lay-
offs," and each year a substantial
dividend has been earned. The officers
are: President, B. F. Rodgers; vice-
president, J. W. McDonald; secretary-
treasurer, C. H. Bell. The above, with
J. O. Cullen and Asbery Garlinger,
compose the Board of Directors.
This company is one of the mam-
moth clay enterprises for which Perry
County. This large plant is in Rose-
ville, just over the Muskingum County


County is so famous, and is, no doubt,
one of the largest of its kind in Perry
line, and is, therefore, a Perry County
industry. A variety of fancy, deco-




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