A Pioneer Association has been one of the things long talked of in
Perry county, but, for various reasons, never inaugurated until quite a
recent date.  A few weeks previous to the annual County Fair of
1882, a notice was published in the county papers, requesting the
Old Settlers of the county to assemble at the fair ground, on the
second day of the fair, for the purpose of organizing an Old
Settlers' Association. A fair degree of interest was at once manifested
in relation to the matter, and the simple announcement referred to
brought together at the appointed place and time a respectable number
of persons, men and women, from various sections of the county. It is
presumable that meetings will be held annually or oftener hereafter.
The annexed account of the Old Settlers' meeting, and the organization
of the society, is from the New Lexington Tribune:
     Agreeable to a call through the press, quite a number of the old 
settlers met at the Perry County Fair, at two o'clock p. m., Thursday,
September 28th, 1882, and organized an "Old Settlers' Association," by
appointing D. C. Fowler as temporary Chairman, and E. Teal, Esq.,
temporary Secretary.
     On motion, a committee of five was appointed to draft a plan of 
organization, consisting of the following gentlemen: R. E. Huston, E.
S. Colborn, Wm. Story, Robert Bennett and J. K. Milligan.
     After due deliberation the committee reported the following, and
recommended its adoption;

     ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT.---This Association shall be known as the
Old Settlers' Association of Perry county, Ohio. Its object to be for
mutual enjoyment, socialities, and the collection and preservation of
historical incidents, etc. It shall hold its meetings at least once a year,
or as often as the society shall direct.
     Any person, male or female, having resided in the county fifty years
or more, may become a member of this society by subscribing their
names hereunto.
     The officers of this society shall consist of a President, and one
Vice President from each township within the county, and one Secretary, 
together with what assistance he may choose. Also an Executive
Committee of five. The officers shall be elected viva voce, annually,
at a regular meeting of the society.
     The duties of the President shall be the usual duties of Presidents of
deliberative bodies. The oldest Vice President present at a meeting,
in the absence of the President, shall preside. The duties of the Secretary 
shall be to keep a record of the names, date, and place of birth and
death, together with such incidents in the lives of the members as he


may be directed by the President and Executive Committee from time
to time.
     The Executive Committee, together with the President and Vice
Presidents, and Secretary, shall constitute a Board, with power to make
all needful rules and regulations for the government of the Association,
subject to the approval of the society.
     On motion the report of the committee was unanimously adopted.
     On motion a committee was appointed to report permanent officers
for the Association for the ensuing year. The committee reported as
     President, Peter Overmyer. Vice Presidents---Pike, R. E. Huston;
Clayton, Eph. Teal; Reading, Martin Scott; Thorn, John Good;
Hopewell, Bernard Mechling; Madison, Alex Melick; Harrison. 
Harvey Allen; Bearfield, John K. Milligan; Pleasant, James Fowler;
Monroe, Benjamin Sanders; Monday Creek, Alex McLean; Coal,
Harrison Hazelton; Salt Lick, Henry Hazelton; Jackson, Daniel
O'Harra. Secretary, J. J. Johnson.
     Executive Committee---Robert Bennett, Ephraim Teal, D. C. Fowler, 
Jehu Jones, Brice J. Welch. On motion the report was adopted.
     The temporary Chairman then introduced the Permanent President,
who, after thanking the organization for the honor conferred, gave a
clear, straightforward, historical statement of the early history of the
county, connecting therewith a short synopsis of the war of 1812, at the
conclusion of which the society extended a vote of thanks for his very
satisfactory inaugural address.
     By general consent, the subscription for membership was presented,
and the following membership obtained:
     Peter Overmyer, born in Northumberland county. Pa., August 24,
1799; came to Perry county in 1802.
     Robert E. Huston, born in Somerset, Perry county, O., March 16,
1815. Wesley Iliff, Jos. Snider, Mrs. N. B. Colborn, Andrew Moore,
James Fowler, Henry Wilson, Susana King, Mary Ann Wilson, David
Brookhart, Mary A. Brookhart, Rual Sayres, John McBroom, Thomas
Selby, James Martin. Solomon Longstreth, James Longstreth, Israel
Watt, Jos. Stoneburner, Thomas S. Mains, Peter Cochran, Jane Vansickle, 
Daniel O'Harra, William Rose, William Story, William J. King,
Robert Bennett, Benjamin Sanders, S. H. Milligan, George W. Moore,
Lucinda Aid, Lydia Feigley, Isaac Brown, John Jonas, Matthew Clayton, 
E. S. Colborn, James dark, James Taylor, Charles Vanatta, Josiah 
Grimes, Ephraim Teal, J. K. Milligan, Alexander McLean, D. C.
Fowler, William Bennett.
     The Association then adjourned, to meet at the call of the President
and Executive Committee.