EVERSOLE, JOHN, farmer, Walnut township. He was born in 
Walnut township, January 20, 1835; son of Henry and Sophrona (Heis)
Eversole. Henry Eversole was born in Rockingham county, Virginia.
He married in 1833, a daughter of George Heis, a pioneer that settled
on a place now owned by Mr. Eversole and Kinsey Belt. He entered
one-fourth section of land, cleared it, and here spent his days. In his
later years he was a Baptist. His only child was the mother of John
Eversole. His death took place about 1854. Henry Eversole came to
Walnut township in 1833, locating on the place now owned by his son.
It was then but slightly improved. He raised a family of nine children,
of whom all but one are living; that one was killed by lightning in
1878. Henry Eversole ran a threshing machine for many years in con-
nection with farming. At his death he owned one hundred and eighty
acres. He died August 20, 1850, aged forty-two years; his widow
died in 1876. John Eversole received a good education, and turned his
attention to farming, at home, until his marriage, November 1, 1860, to
Elizabeth, daughter of D. Miller, a resident of Walnut township. She
was born in this township, November 28, 1835. Mr. Eversole has
always devoted his time to farming and stock raising. They are 
members of the U. B. Church. The home place contains ninety acres.
They occupy a handsome residence, built in 1860. He was an ardent
Union man during the war.
     EVERSOLE, ISAAC W., farmer and stock raiser. He is the eldest
son of David and Catharine (Heistand) Eversole, and was born in 
Liberty township, June 22, 1852. David Eversole was born in Fairfield
county; his father, Abraham Eversole, was one of the pioneers of the
county. In 1850 David settled on the farm still owned by his heirs.
The farm contained three hundred and three acres, all of which was
well improved. He was extensively engaged in buying and shipping
cattle, being very successful in all his business transactions. His 
success in life was due to his perseverance, industry, and integrity. He
died in June, 1879, having reared a family of six sons and three
daughters. Isaac W., the subject of this sketch, received a liberal 
education in his youth, having the advantages of the Academy at 
Reynoldsburg, and also Oberlin College one term. He takes a great 
interest in his farm, particularly raising the finer breeds of imported stock,


in which he is very successful. He owns and operates a large saw mill,
which is doing a large amount of business. Mr. Eversole has been
twice married; first to Miss Lizzie Snider, March 28, 1875. She died
December 19, 1879, and he was again united in marriage to Miss
Samantha J. Tussing, December 28, 1880. Mr. and Mrs. Eversole are
members of the Evangelical Association. Mr. Eversole is a member
of the Knights of Pythias.
     EVERSOLE, ADAM HENRY, farmer, Liberty township. He was 
married in Liberty township February 22, 1858; son of David and
Catharine H. Eversole. He secured a good education, and chose
farming for, his vocation in life, remaining at home until his
marriage, December 27, 1881, to Miss Phelina, daughter of
Edward Ritter, a well-known resident of Violet township. After
his marriage Mr. Eversole purchased the farm upon which he is at
present residing. It contains one hundred and twenty-five acres, to
which he has added many fine improvements. He has also acted as
administrator for the estate of both his father and mother, and that of
Mrs. Naomi LeFever. Mr. and Mrs. Eversole are members of the
Evangelical Association Church.
     EVERSOLE, A. R., attorney, Lancaster. He was born in this city
in 1850. He read law under the direction of Col. John M. Connell,
and was admitted to practice by the Ohio Supreme Court in 1876. He
at once opened an office in Lancaster, and began a successful and busy
practice of his profession. His office is now in the Schaffer Block. At
the last session of the General Assembly Mr. Eversole was an applicant
for the position of State Librarian, but other political counsels 
prevailed. Pending the nomination, the Dispatch, of Columbus, under
date of December 17, 1880, made the following comments on Mr. Ever-
sole's ability: "We are informed that the friends of Mr. A. R. Eversole, 
of Lancaster, will press his claims on Governor Foster for the
position of State Librarian. Mr. Eversole, it will be remembered, was
Republican candidate for Prosecuting Attorney last fall in his own
county, and such was his personal popularity, and general recognized
fitness for the position, that even in that 'Democratic Berks," he ran
about two hundred votes ahead of the remainder of the ticket. He is
a lawyer of recognized ability, a gentleman of personal worth, and in
every way qualified to fill the place of State Librarian; besides, his
services in behalf of the Republican party are deserving of some fit
     EVANS, THOMAS WORTHINGTON, tanner; was born in Logan, Ohio,
September 22, 1816. He acquired a fair education at the common
schools, and at an academy in Lancaster. He served an apprenticeship
to William D. Thorn, at the trade of tanner and currier, remaining in
his employ some time. Afterwards he worked as journeyman at Upper
Sandusky. He then moved to Tarleton, Pickaway county, where, in
1834, he engaged in the tannery business on his own account, doing an
extensive and prosperous business for thirty-five years. About 1876 he
removed to Lancaster, becoming a member of the firm of Martin,
Ewing & Company, and continuing business until the loss of their 
tannery by fire, when Mr. Evans retired from business life. In 1835 he
was married to Susan Karshner, who was born in Ross county, Ohio,


in 1816. To Mr. and Mrs. Evans were born six children, four now
living, viz.: Elizabeth E., at home; William W.and Joseph K., composing 
the firm of Evans Brothers, tanners, of Lancaster; and Samuel
J., residing at Columbus. The family are members of the M. E.
Church. Mr. Evans is one of the oldest living tanners in Ohio.
     EYEMAN, HENRY B., was born in Richland township, Fairfield
county, Ohio, on the 5th day of March, 1819, and has ever since resided
here. He was married February 14, 1841, to Miss Mary Ann Baker,
daughter of Christian and Magdalena Baker, who was born July 11,
1823. Their children were Daniel, born January 3, 1843; Samantha
Jane, born October 10, 1845; Mary Magdalena, born April 27, 1848;
Christian Baker, born January 19, 1857; Franklin Pierce, born October
5, 1853;. Henry Clinton, born April 13, 1856; Lewis Erwin, born
October 12, 1859; Homer Edmund, born August 28, 1863. Mary Ann
Eyeman died December 21, 1873. He was married second time to
Miss Maggie A. Baker, January 10, 1875. Mr. Eyeman is serving
his thirteenth year as Justice of the Peace of Richland township.
     EYEMAN, WILLIAM, farmer, post office Rushville. Was born in
Fairfield county, Ohio, January 13, 1821. He was married to Sarah
Lenville, January 18, 1843. Their children are, Joseph H., born 
November 9, 1843; Isophena D., born September 25, 1845; Mary E.,
born April 19, 1847; Henry A., born December 27, 1849; William L.,
born March 2, 1851; Edward C., born April 26, 1853; Samuel L.,
born June 7, 1856; Anna L., born April 25, 1859; Charles, born July
27, 1861. Joseph N., was married to Catharine Kerr in December,
1866; Isophena married to William Griggs in August, 1867; William
L., married to Virginia Friend, September, 1874; Edward C., married to
Emma C. Stevenson, May 28, 1878; Samuel L., married to Emma
Rowles, August 18, 1881; Henry A., died September 15, 1849; Mary
E., died November 6, 1853.


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