Circa 1880 Perry Co. Map
"If you go back far enough, we're all related"
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Wade Kimball, Earnest Ward, Amdrey Wilson, Samuel Seaman, Warren McIlvoy, James Van Atta, John Saunders, Florence Wolf, Pearl Robinson, Ruth Bozman, Charles Hayden, Bernice Tague, Harold Rockwell, Margaret McGarvey, Mildred Larimer, Mary Lou Newman, Harold Kaufman, Ruth Manspeaker, George Paskell, Grace Burrough, Vincent Smith, Ruth Davis, Alfred Preest, Evelyn Nichols, Ernest Hiller, Lillian Spitzer, James Davidson, Carl Duffy, Dwight Bell, Isabelle Hoy, Stanford Goodin, Margaret Anders, Pearl Reichley, Rebecca Walkins, Oliver Haffler, Santa Fe Brown, Kathleen Conaway, Clarice Adams, John Kelso, Clara Catchpole, Joseph Weiland, Irol Berg, Douglas Black, Mae Koehler, Donald Black, Edna Minture, Robert Fitzer, Doris Teal, George McDonald, Zelma Kennedy

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