Adcock-Cochran-Mt. Hope Cemetery Inscriptions

ADCOCK-COCHRAN-MT HOPE CEMETERY, Jackson Twp., Perry County, Ohio.

Comments: This is a transcription of the stones in a cemetery I found about 1975 in the middle of a woods in Jackson Twp., Perry Co., Ohio. It is not on (or even near) a road or house. I happened on it while bird hunting and went back later to copy this down. I haven't been there since.

If you look at the scan of the copy of the
1859 Plat record for Jackson Twp, this cemetery was located in the vicinity of Section 26. The cemetery is not listed on this or the 1875 plat maps nor is it mentioned in any of the "lists" of cemeteries that I've seen about Perry Co. On the scan you will see many of the same surnames found in the cemetery and even one of those buried there (Simon Bell). So my guess is that it is a "family" cemetery that has long since been forgotten.

The initials at the end were actually engraved on small individual stones. I figured they must be children.

Upon further research, I found the following reference in a copy of a book called "Ohio Cemeteries", published by OGS in 1978. There is a listing in there for a cemetery called the ADCOCK-COCHRAN-MT HOPE CEMETERY in S26 of Jackson Twp. that says it is in a heavily wooded area, 1/3 mi. sw from deadend of TR238. I would say that there is a good chance this is that cemetery (however as you can see, I found no "Adcock's") so still questionable.

Update 11/10/08 Received an email from Teddy Brock of Columbus who has suggested that the smaller stones may be "foot stones". I myself had never heard nor seen such a thing however doing a little web surfing I find that many cemeteries did indeed have footstones but many were removed to make lawn care easier. The footstones were also normally only carved with initials. So given that this cemetery is in the middle of a large forest where lawn care would not have been an issue, I'd say Teddy's idea makes sense. The initials do mostly cooincide with the names on the headstones. You decide.
B. G.    
B. J.    
B. S.    
Bell Daniel Son of Simon & Susannah Bell March 25, 1839 11 Yrs. 4 Mos. 9 Dys.
Bell Hiram   Died April 12 (?), 1864 (?) 38 Yrs.
Bell George   Died May 17, 1837 20 Yrs. 3 Ms. 17 Dys.
Bell Jackson Son of Simon & Susannah Bell March 6, 1839 4 Yrs. 9 Ms. 17 Dys.
Bell Simon   Died Nov. 4, 1861 78 Yrs. 6 Ms. 2 Dys.
Bell Susannah Wife of Simon Bell Died July 25, 1868 74 Yrs. 8 Ms. 19 Dys.
Brown George (?) Son of Joshua and Sarah Brown August 17 (?) 183? 13 Yrs. 4 Ms. 7 Dys.
Brown Joseph Son of Joshua and Sarah Brown Died Aug. 13, 1835 9 Yrs. 1M.
Brown Joshua   Died July 28, 1838 50 Yrs. 4 Ms. 17 Dys.
Brown   ? of Joshua and Sarah Brown May 22,1837 14 Dys.
Cochran Arthur   Died June 21, 1858 29 Yrs. 1M. 17 Dys.
Cochran Catherine Wife of Peter Cochran Died Dec. 19th 1855 Age 90
Cochran Ira   Died Sept. 1 (or 10) 1851 Age 28 (?) Yrs. 7 Ms. 28 Dys.
Cochran Peter   Died July 12, 1841 72 Yrs. 11 Ms. 3 Dys."
Cochran Sarah Wife of H.D. Cochran Died July 11, 1881 Age 81 Yrs. 5 Ms. 26 Dys.
C. H. D.   Assumed to be Cochran
C. C. I.   Assumed to be Cochran
C. C. L.   Assumed to be Cochran
C. C. P.   Assumed to be Cochran
C. C. P.   Assumed to be Cochran
C. C. T.   Assumed to be Cochran
Emrick Susan Wife of Jacob Emrick Died April 24, 1873 51 Yrs. 1 M. 22 Dys.
Emrick   Infant Daughter of J&S Emrick Born Feb. 9, 1852
Kishler David Son of George and Mary Kishler October 12, 1837 6 Ms. 12 Dys.
Kishler Martha Daughter of George and Mary Kishler April 9, 1837 6 Ms. 12 Dys.
Kishler Mary Consort of George Kishler July 3, 1837 32 Yrs. 4 Ms. 14 Dys.
Kishler Phidilia Daughter of George and Mary Kishler August 26, 1831 7 Ms.
K. D.   Assumed to be Kishler
K. M.   Assumed to be Kishler
K. M.   Assumed to be Kishler
K. P.   Assumed to be Kishler
Leaman Sharlot Daughter of Daniel and June Leaman July 6, 1844 10 Ms. 26 Dys.
Larimer Mary Consort of James Larimer March 4, 1848 Age 22 Yrs. 10 Ms. 26 Dys.
Saffell Mary Consort of Richard Saffell Departed Jan. 22, 1847 Age 49 Yrs.
Saffell Mary E. Daughter of Richard and Mary Saffell Died Feb. 1, 1855 Aged 17 Yrs. 23 Dys.
Saffell Richard   Died March 9, 1843 53 Yrs. 21 Dys.
S. L.   Assumed to be Saffel
S. R.   Assumed to be Saffel


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