Perry Co., Ohio Probate
Birth Index 1867-1908
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The following images are a direct copy of the pages in the 1867-1908 Birth Index books kept in the Perry County Probate Court Offices in New Lexington, Ohio.
The actual birth records are not online but may be obtained by contacting the court.
Their address is: The Honorable Luann Cooperrider 105 N. Main St. P.O. Box 7 New Lexington, Ohio 43764-0167
or they can be reached by telephone at (740) 342-1493.
For more information about how additional records like these might be added to the internet, please contact me via the email link at the bottom of this page.
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Page 1
Gabealine Gabriel Gadd Gaddis Gadner Gaffey Gagen Gaittens Galbrath Gall Gallagher Galligher Geddis Gaddis Gegan Gagan Ruble Burley Hummel Burley Britton Scurlock Harris Denman McCloy Mitchell Donnelly Smock Retzer King May Huff Shrider Lauchman Mohan Mohen Dumolt McLain
Page 2
Gallagher Galligher Gallin Gallof Galloway Gambell Gamer Gamwell Gammell Gamwell Ganngerman Gannon Garbealin Garbline Gardner Garey Griggs McGee McLain Overmyer Darst Evans Shaw Struble Moulton Lewis Resnew Carnes Butterfield Hensell Hone Ruffanata Refinati Wheller Kephart Skinner Miller
Page 3
Garey Gary Garlinger Garleinger Garrett Griggs Bowman Vanatta Brehm Murdock Purvis Folk Davis Teter Teters Brown Carr Caten Caton Zeigler Smith Woodart Pace Sagel Holland Halsey
Page 4
Garrett Garison Garrison Gartha Garvin Gatchell Gaitten Gatts Gaver Gearing Geary Geddes Geer Geere Gehring George Gooden Goodin Wainwright Woods Jones Kenida Kennedy Hutchenson Hutchinson Price Fisher Wendelboth Blackburn Donley Donnells Weeber Davis Simmers Harbaugh Bugh Biggrig Tool Atol Hudson Ricketts Tippie Murdock Harris Mace Stockdale
Page 5
Geil Geiger Geissicke Gennan Gensler Gentelins George Geran German Gest Getchel Getman Gettys Reed Miller Danison Vircitz Tedrow Roberts From Mills Hodge Brehm Larimer Rittgers Notestine Berks Perks Parks Leckrone Ross Ledes Cross Dorn Bumont Bammels Mason Woolard Binckley Eis
Page 6
Gettys Gheen Ghoring Gibb Gibbons Gibben Gibbon Gibbins Gibbs Gibson Gibbson Gaver Eis Riley Brigg Tippi Hall Treadwell Jones Durban Derkin Abram Abrams Devasy Devannah Hazleton Taylor Proctor Redman Patterson Paterson Price Lawson Watson Holiday Huston Britton
Page 7
Gibson Giel Giffin Gilbert Gilchrist Giles Gile Gill Gilligan Gillilan Gilliland Gillin Parker Huffman Dunn Bates Wilson Beery Davis Wooley Dalle Doll Sullivan Kelly Seemer Williams Watts Hoops Red Yaw Ashway Hall Leonard Allen Hoppes Woodon
Page 8
Gillooly Gilmore Gillespie Ginn Ginder Ginter Giton Giving Gladden Gladhart Glaneman Glannaman Glanemann Glennemann Glenemann Glemmann Dailey Dolan Musser Love Murry Patterson Wagnor Snider Snyder Cowan Spohn Stow Hopkins Sweet Dupler Overmyer Spurrier Deaver Foulk Fold Inman Enman
Page 9
Glass Glassmire Glenn Glenback Glidden Globig Globey Globa Glover Gobaski Goble Goff Goheen Gohring Goldburn Golden Goodman Gordon Garey Stottler Statler Stalter McConns Rodgers Rogers Norris Carim Lanckers Ryan Goodman Rutter Stasiak Reed Reid Buchannon Tippie Hanzey Hainsey Hanzey Welsh Welch Marshall
Page 10
Goldsmith Goldstein Golightly Gombas Good Goody Goodin Goodwin Gooden Gooding Goodman Vintler Kaufman Bristoe Clayton Evan Whitter Wilson Fisher Betties Mattis Noble Allen Ansel Elder Reed Koons Anson Mick Luke Schippe Snipey Hoterott Luk Kraft
Page 11
Goodman Goodwell Goowell Goodwin Goodlive Goon Golden Goulding Gouldbourn Gossman Kraft Kroft Truax Hutchins Schafer McMullen Nunamaker Nunemaker Nixon Boland Bowland McMuller Rarick Marlowe Weatherby Wetherby Bowman Mohler Ashby Laird Telford Randall Pierce Souders Sowders Blosser Passon
Page 12
Gossman Gordon Gordan Giles Jiles Snider Burgoon Keenan Hillis Dupler Ritchey Caskin Casconey Fetters Dittoe McDonald Drew Drum Drumm Drumen Trigg Krigg Burgess Bergess King Rutter Swinehart Ward
Page 13
Gordon Gayton Chineth Sinift Smith Barringer Kuhns Conn Kelly Rousculp Clark Ryan Forquer Holcomb Shrider Schrider McGreevy Boley McCune McKann McCan McCann
Page 14
Gordon Gorham Gormley Gottke Gottdiener Grace Grady Graham Graft Grandstaff Griggs McCabe Cover Cull McDonald McAllister May Foster Bennett McGrevey McGreevy McGravy Cushman McLain Hardy Hankinson Hankison McClain Camp Lanning Nixon Owens Weber Scanlon Hollingsworth Newlon Schottelkorb Shuttler Davis
Page 15
Grandy Graney Granger Grannan Grannon Grant Gallop Davis Pritcherd Pritchard Trunnel Blosser Crawford Murray Barnes White Taylor Braddock McCune Wallice Walace Wallace Emrick Newman Frame Berton
Page 16
Grant Grapes Graver Graves Gray Gramey Graney Grearson Greathouse Greely Greeley Grigsby Griggsby Rockhold Brown Rickets Shrider Chrider Clark Thompson Clayton Boutall Suttles Brugh Bugh Folk Ritchey Braddock House Fleming Bigrigg Bigrig Mullin Wilson Newbitt Murry Murray Hughs Drennean Sanders
Page 17
Greeley Greely Green Glass Sanders Saunders Campbell McCabell Little Womereldorf Lamb Botts Igginton Frazier Rarick Powell Bletzacker Lanning Murphy Duffer Holcomb Cooper Flowers Fink
Page 18
Green Greene Greenphaler Greenwald Greenawald Gregg Gregory Greiner Griel Griest Griffin Griffon Griffis Gibson Lanning Armstrong Miller Azbell Clouse Fink Finck Welsh Welch Bagley Nansworth Beckman Kureth Kurnth Wagner Ellis Kite Wallace Hessee Chalfant Taylor Robison Davis Woolly Wooly Wooley Thomas
Page 19
Griffiths Griffith Griffeths Griggs Gibson Goble Thomas Wilmutt Pritchard Rosson Baynham Roberts Campbell Davis Jones Owens Kerr McCullough Eaverms Mazey Williams Ricketts Ackers Aucker Acker Hughes Bebb McDonnald Vanatta Denison Dennis
Page 20
Griggs Grigsby Griggsby Grigsbie Grimm Grimn Grim Goble Elder Leaman Danison Denison Hillyard Neeling Neiley Brown Randolph Eyman Parkinson Daugherty Dann Comisky Shannon Hope Hoy Paxton Brant Brinkim Hoffhins Hofines
Page 21
Grimm Grimn Grim Grimes Groce Groff Grogan Gross Grossglaus Grossman Groves Grove Gottke Green Goldbeager Hofines Carr Cowling Egan Buxton Burgoon Burton Kinsell Kinsel Kronenbitter Kronebitter Cronibater Bochen Ceales Seals Krumloff Collins Sweeney Bennett Kinily Keniley Kniley Canniley Tharp Ashbaugh
Page 22
Grove Groves Grown Grubb Guest Yost Funk Hamm Homes Heone Horn Settler Mechling Boyer From Andrews Lewis Baker Dalrymple Compton Johnson Franks Miller
Page 23
Grubb Grubbs Grube Gruber Gruble Grum Grumell Grundy Gudrich Gue Guerin Guest Gulley Gully Guiter Guinder Guinsler Grunnell Pritchard Rinehart Haddow Haddon Loyd Kinsel Hammer Hammers Price Pettitt Pettit Monet Bumcrats Richards Teason Dupler Tysinger Fisher Rambo
Page 24
Guinsler Guisinger Guysinger Guisingers Gunion Gunnion Gunther Rambo Jones Bush Snider Snyder Tracey Tracy Kintz Litzinger Francisco Flautt Flaut Dilts Harden Hardin Lehman Wright Lyle Skinner Romine Stoffle teason Tissen Thissen
Page 25
Gusty Gustie Gutelius Gutelins Guy Guyton Gwartney Gwynn Garrett Griffith Gaten Sabo From Stece Stees Pemberton Sanderson Stull Delong Brown Curl Carr Caton Redick Overmyer Leckrone Williams Aston Pace Roberts
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