Water Shed.

     The Perry County Divide extends in an irregular
line from the northwest to the southeast. It begins
in Thorn township separating the streams that flow
into Buckeye Lake and Jonathan's Creek from Rush-
creek and Big Walnut. Somerset is situated on it.
Passing through Clayton township it sweeps to the 
east toward McLuney. The C. & M. V. Tunnel cuts
it east of New Lexington. Then turning toward the 
west again it completes a horse-shoe by circling south
of New Lexington. The T. & O. C. railroad tunnels
it about a mile south of the county seat. It continues
westward as far as Bristol. This place occupies the 
summit of a ridge from which five streams have their
sources.---Turkey Run of Rushcreek, South Fork of 
Jonathan, Little Mondaycreek, Big Mondaycreek and
a branch of Sundaycreek. The water-shed south 
of Bristol turns toward the northeast, forming the
ridge between the South Fork of Jonathan and Sun-
daycreek. Passing south of Moxahala the T & O. C.
R. R. has made through it the longest tunnel in
Perry county. The dividing ridge leaves the county
at Porterville. It is 114 miles long and passes through
nine townships: Thorn, Hopewell, Reading, Clayton,
Harrison, Pike, Saltlick, Pleasant and Bearfield. Its 
average elevation is about 450 feet above Lake Erie
and about 1,000 feet above sea level.


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