Meridian Monuments

     Persons visiting the New Lexington Fair have no
doubt noticed the granite monuments situated
about the middle of the grounds. Some have the idea
that they mark the geographical center of the county.
This is not the case. The westward one was planted
by Philander Binckley about thirty years ago, to cor-
respond to the true meridian. On account of the
variation of the magnetic pole, it was found necessary
in 1898 to again locate it. The County Commision-
ers contracted with John Avery to place the new monu-
	He planted it at the south end of the line bearing
north 30 degrees, west 627.8 feet distant from the
southeast corner of the southwest quarter of Section
No. 5, Tp. No. 15, Range No. 15.
	The geographical latitude is 39 degrees, 44 min-
utes north. The geographical longitude is 5 degrees
and 11 minutes west from Washington. The variation
of the Magnetic Meridian from the True Meridian is
28 minutes to the north.


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