Apology for the existence of this book will not be hidden
under the multi-repeated quotation, “of the making of many
books,” etc., or the “filling of a long felt want.”
	It is written because the author “wanted” to write it.
	It is being published because friends have generously
subscribed for it.
	I believe that there is room for a small volume containing
in brief, the main facts concerning the history and industrial
development of the county.
	We teach our children about happenings in remote ages,
in countries of which they know nothing, and allow the occur-
rences transpiring before them to pass by unnoted.
	Every teacher can testify to the woeful ignorance of the
youth, as to local affairs, while every school examiner can
truthfully say the same about the teachers.
	It is my belief that in this book has been collected much
that will prove a source of information and interest to many.
The subject is not in any manner exhausted. A vast amount
more could have been written, but the aim has been to ex-
clude all matter of secondary importance.
	To acknowledge, individually, the assistance received from
friends, in the way of data, would require more space than
can be devoted to it. I am under the deepest obligation to
them, and but for their suggestion and aid this volume would
not have been possible.
New Lexington, Ohio, June 18, 1902