1974 Perry Co., Ohio
Plat Maps
This Plat Book was published by Town & County Publishing in 1974 and was full of adverstisements for various Perry Co. Businesses.

These plat maps and index pages have very small writing on them, so I've had to keep the images pretty large. They average about 1M.
To keep this simple, I'm just going to give you links to the images. Just click on the image you want to see and it'll download and open in a new window.
Use the Index pages to find the townships where various folks lived.

Index 1 - Abdalla to Dean, Mildred
Index 2 - Deardurff to Howdeyshell, David S.
Index 3 - Howdeyshell, Effie Ann to Myetz
Index 4 - Nash, Charles to Smith, Willard
Index 5 - Smith, William to Zuber
Bearfield Township
Clayton Township
Coal Township
Harrison Township
Hopewell Township
Jackson Township
Madison Township
Monday Creek Township
Monroe Township
Pike Township
Pleasant Township
Reading Township
Salt Lick Township
Thorn Township

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