Circa 1880 Perry Co. Map
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1846 Plat Map of
Jackson Township, Perry County, Ohio
These images are arranged exactly as the township is laid out.
Clicking on any image will link to a larger view of that image.

R16T15S6 R16T15S5 R16T15S4 R16T15S3 R16T15S2 R16T15S1
R16T15S7 R16T15S8 R16T15S9 R16T15S10 R16T15S11 R16T15S12
R16T15S18 R16T15S17 R16T15S16 R16T15S15 R16T15S14 R16T15S13
R16T15S19 R16T15S20 R16T15S21 R16T15S22 R16T15S23 R16T15S24
R16T15S30 R16T15S29 R16T15S28 R16T15S27 R16T15S26 R16T15S25
R16T15S31 R16T15S32 R16T15S33 R16T15S34 R16T15S35 R16T15S36

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