1820 Perry Co., Ohio
Federal Census

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Sorry the images are so large, but I wanted to be sure folks could read the names. The handwriting is a little difficult to read. Please read down to the bottom of this page for add'l important information about the census.

I also have some of my own comments on the census records themselves. Not counting the Location and Head of Family Name, the 1820 Census technically is supposed to contain 33 columns of information. The first 12 after the name is Free Whites (Male and Female) by age. The next, is a count of non Naturalized persons. The three after that, a count of persons by type of employment. The next 8 columns are information about Slaves by sex and age, then another 8 on Free Colored Persons by sex and age and finally a catch all of All Others.

As you go through these records, I think you'll find, as I am, that it is very difficult to see where columns are. There appear to be very few Slaves or Colored Persons and surprisingly very few White Females over 45 (or maybe not a surprise given the difficulty of living in Perry Co. before 1820). It would appear to me that the most useful information to be gleaned from these records concerns the population of Free Whites by age. It seems to be very difficult to figure out the columns after those first twelve. It is my guess that the column in the very middle of most of these pages is the Number of Individuals engaged in Agriculture, which seems to be most folks. The last column is supposed to be the Catch All, but it seems more like a total of all individuals in a family. If anyone has more information on this 1820 Census, please let me know.

Thanks to Lynn Snider who helped with the indexing for many of these pages !

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